Lordi - Monstrous Fashion Shoot for Vogue Scandinavia


Monstrous Fashion Shoot: The legendary hard rock band LORDI immortalized with a photo spread in the April issue of Vogue Scandinavia

Helsinki, March 27, 2024 – The Finnish monster rockers LORDI always make a striking impression. Now, with their timeless monstrous chic, they've even made it into the edition of VOGUE Scandinavia.

A few weeks ago, an elaborate "fashion" shoot took place in Helsinki with the monster musicians. The photo spread can be seen in the current issue of VOGUE Scandinavia, available from today. The band put down instruments and pick up the season ´s most covetable vegan handbags in this unexpected editorial with an ethical twist.

LORDI, famous for their unique combination of spectacularly eerie stage presence and exhilarating rock music, are known for breaking boundaries and transcending stereotypes. Since their victory at the EuroVision Song Contest in 2006, the band led by frontman and singer Mr. Lordi has regularly proved that they are to be reckoned with – in every imaginable form.

The photo spread in Vogue marks another milestone in their artistic career, highlighting the versatility and timeless style of the band.

The special request is not surprising as Lordi are long-time collaborators with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). “We are all about being cruelty-free – from the makeup we use in our masks to the materials used in our outʹts,” says frontman Mr Lordi in the accompanying interview. “All of us are ʹerce animal lovers, and all the band members have pets.”

"It was an incredible experience to collaborate with such a respected magazine like Scandinavian Vogue," commented Mr. Lordi further. "We always knew we looked incredibly good and very well-dressed. But now that there's a whole fashion photo spread of us, it even touches the coldest monster."

The photo session, led by leading fashion photographers and stylists, also impressed the creators of Vogue Scandinavia: “Lordi are Rock legends in Scandinavia who have accomplished a lot in their 20-plus years, but this marks the first time the crew of ghoulish monsters have stepped in front of the camera as high fashion models”, Martina Bonnier says. “The request from the animal-loving rockers to wear exclusively vegan handbags only made this feature more charming and perfectly aligned with Vogue Scandinavia's sustainable values.”

The publication of these exclusive photos in Vogue Scandinavia will undoubtedly further blur the boundaries between rock music and fashion, demonstrating that Lordi is not just a band but a cultural icon exerting influence across various industries.

Photography by Karoliina Bärlund. Words by Linnéa Pesonen

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