Crimson Veil - sign exclusive record deal with Reigning Phoenix Music


CRIMSON VEIL - sign exclusive record deal with RPM; to tour France and the UK w/ LORDI & ALL FOR METAL!

Genre wanderers CRIMSON VEIL have signed an exclusive record deal with Reigning Phoenix Music (RPM). Creating unique, sinister soundscapes, the UK based outfit -- consisting of four talented multi-instrumentalists -- ingeniously combines elements of rock, metal and film music while lyrically covering esoteric topics, accompanied by dark visual aesthetics.

Their members originally come from different band projects and bring an impressive touring history across the UK, the US and Mexico. In addition, they have also been able to work with music industry greats such as Paul Reeve (MUSE etc.) and John Fryer (DEPECHE MODE, NINE INCH NAILS) in the past.

CRIMSON VEIL state on their new adventure, "Dear music family, we can finally announce that we are signing with the incredible metal label Reigning Phoenix Music. This is a dream come true. We are really excited to work with a team of people who believe in our music and vision. It will be an honour to be on the same label as some of our favourite bands. You can expect a new album soon, lots of music videos and most importantly - touring. It's time to get back on the stage and play some shows! See you all very soon... Love - Anna, Garry, Hana & Mishkin"

Jochen Richert, managing director of RPM, points out, "CRIMSON VEIL are truly special. One doesn't find a band like them every day, that's what made them even more interesting to us. They don't follow any trends. An important fact that also matches the RPM philosophy. We want to evolve trends ourselves! So giving a contract to CRIMSON VEIL was an easy decision in the end."

The new partnership with RPM enables CRIMSON VEIL to continue their creative path and to explore new territories in the universe of progressive music. Ready to cross the borders of the metal genre, the quartet's material refreshingly blends sound and deepness, and with the aforementioned deal being signed, all is set for a very fruitful and exciting common future. CRIMSON VEIL are nothing but an outstanding addition to the musical roster of Reigning Phoenix Music with their experimenal approach when it comes to art.

Their drastic live presence is also about to be witnessed once again as the band will support new labelmates LORDI and ALL FOR METAL in France and the UK from tomorrow; all dates can be found below!

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